A Dating Coach Misconception

Recently I met someone that was trying to help their brother get back on track after a unfortunate year. You see his marriage had ended and he had since lost his mojo for life and didn’t quite know how to move on.

I suggested she set up a call between the two of us, so I could gauge where he was emotionally and work with him to try and find it again… But the sister immediately turned down my offer explaining that her brother has never had any trouble getting a woman or dating, as he is “quite the charmer.”

At first I was taken aback, but then realized I may be misrepresenting the work that I do and what my clients accomplish by working with me.  

My coaching is so much more than just dating. In fact, before we ever even get to the dating portion of our work together, we focus on you and your alignment with the goals you have in many aspects of your life.

If your head isn’t in order, how do you expect your sex and love life to be?

To help you get a better picture of what I am talking about, below are the fundamentals of my process and what I ask of you!

  1. Know who you are and what you want and need. Seems obvious, but most of us aren’t ever getting to the root of this ‘knowing ourselves’ concept.
  2. Learn how to get what you want. This is where our action steps come in.
  3. Be the “chooser”. Don’t let life happen to you. You have the power to control the outcome of your life and relationships.
  4. Balance your heart with your head. Think things through. Your heart can be a wonderful, but at the same time fickle thing. Don’t let it run your life. Let your head and your heart be a team.
  5. Be open. Are you prepared to be someone’s ‘person’. We are going to get your dating strategy in line with how ready you truly are for a committed and loving relationship.
  6. Be the man/woman you would like to meet. Meaning, live a life you would be proud/happy to find in someone else. This will make it easier to attract a person who will support, love, and motivate you!
  7. Beef up on dating awareness. Learn all you can to improve your skills and deepen relationships. Knowledge is power guys!
  8. Kick toxic people to the curb and find your tribe! Your ‘person’ shouldn’t have to be your only person. Get some badass friends to keep you feeling supported and loved.
  9. Build that confidence. Be assertive. Say yes to what you want and learn it is okay to say no to what you truly don’t.
  10. Feel successful with and without a relationship. Relationships don’t define you. Neither does your singleness. I truly believe people are attracted to our energy. Put out the vibe you want to see in return.

There is depth in what I do and you should feel that. This is about becoming a better, more empowered you. Someone who is relaxed, successful, with killer mojo that is ready for the next step.

Learn what sort of paths we can cultivate to strive for success in your future. All I ask is for you to believe in the process and I will do everything within my power to make the process work for you. Why? Because I believe in amazing love, amazing sex, and amazing dating, combine all of those things together to create a powerful, more successful you.

If you need to think of me as your Confidence or Emotional Dexterity Coach to make the process easier for you, go for it! No matter the title it is always my goal to guide you, through my personalized, no BS coaching, on a path to sex without shame and love without hesitation. Let’s get you there.